summer clothes

This summer there are a few standout items we're totally getting behind. And it doesn't matter if you're willing to shell out the big bucks or just want to spend the extra cash in your wallet.
These aren't just fat girl problems, they're problems that many women dread every year as the days longer and hotter. But good news! They're problems that are easily solved with a bit of patience and a dash of confidence.
1. Lisa Marie Fernandez Sailor Dress, $375 2. Uniqlo Women Soft French Terry Short Sleeve Shirt, $19 3.  T By Alexander Wang
15. Bra strap headbands. Boxers, sweatpants, T-shirts. After that fateful 8th grade year, your pajama drawer was basically
Who says your summer wardrobe has to be full of floral prints and neon pieces? Not us. Now that you've purchased your crop
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Even though I think it is really poor planning for stores to start selling their fall merchandise in August, when the weather is still 90 degrees and the idea of corduroy or cashmere is unappealing, by Labor Day, I can't wait to get into a sweater.
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This blog is devoted to the great summer store openings that have either just occurred or will shortly. There's just something about a brand new shop that makes us shoppers charge right on in!