summer foods

With this summer's smoldering temps, we'll take a simple hot fudge-drenched cup of soft-serve from Dairy Queen any chance we'll get. But it's far more satisfying digging a metal spoon into a real sundae as reward for wading through the oppressive humidity.
Almost all packaged processed foods that cannot be eaten straight out of the box or pouch come with detailed instructions
Summer is back again and that can only mean one thing -- it's time to indulge in a whole lot of ice cream.
When an ice cream craving strikes again, what will you find in the container?
With some kitchen smarts and great flavors, you don't need beef for a good burger.
I just love watermelon. I could eat this sucker all by myself in no time, I told myself in the store. So I'll cut it in half with a medieval war axe (I'll find one somewhere), eat some, give some to the neighbors and chill the other half.
So I picked blueberries like a hungry bear, and I plan to do it again every weekend until they're gone. We have a mulberry
You've invited friends over for dinner, now you've got to decide what to cook. Try this easy and foolproof Mediterranean-style menu. All of the dishes are crowd-pleasers and you can make most of them ahead of time.
Kids attempt to guess artisanal ice cream flavors and their answers are priceless.
It's easy to eat fresh, locally grown food when fruits and vegetables are as abundant and available as they are during the summer months. And when food is more available, it's more affordable, too.
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Trying to fit into your new bikini? Too bad. Because the following fatty-tastic foods will enlarge your waistline just by looking at them.
Many of summer's fruits and vegetables are brimming with secret health benefits. Here are some of my favorites, and reasons why they're particularly good choices in the summer
"Can you freeze tomatoes? My mom thinks I have to can them, which I cannot bear in this heat. "