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I'm a college student who is going back to camp.
Given the profound difference that meaningful, career-related summer jobs can make in the lives of the young, this proposal
It's not just about how to operate a cash register or learning to serve from the left.
We recently asked some of our 2016 Bank of America Student Leaders about their vision for the future and what they need for
My first day at my first job -- human body shields, gray pubic hairs, and breasts that hanged low. Don't use your co-workers as body shields or karma will pay you a visit.
Through service, young people recognize they can have a tangible, positive impact on society. Their service projects address
We like to think summertime and the living is easy but maybe not. Summer is when you need to get busy.
What to Include in Your Cover Letter Let the employer know you are eager to interview, and include contact information. You
Before Obama was president of the United States, he was the president... of milkshakes.
Many students spend months working on getting internships. They spend days deciding what to wear to make the right first impression, but the reality is that your last impression counts for as much as your first one.
New research finds 20 lives per year saved by NYC jobs program.
While he was in college, Drew Mitchell heard from all of his professors that an internship was the key to a career. So, the Western Kentucky University public relations and political science major knew he couldn't settle for any summer job -- he needed the right summer job.
Don't give up on the rest of summer. Resist going down to the beach to drink and tan. You'll only peel, get hung over, and your tan will fade anyway. Instead, use what's left of this vacation differently -- wisely.
I do know that my work as a parent is to protect, yes, but also to find ways to push against my kids' boundaries. I want them, after all, to come up with adventures of their own in the years ahead, and feel comfortable selling me on them. That's a version of "free range" I can embrace.
If my story is any indication, students seeking summer jobs shouldn't shy away from opportunities that, one, have seemingly little to do with their desired career paths and, two, take them far from the classroom for a few months.
Throughout the country, there are many different kinds of youth development programs that offer everything from counseling
I've found that the summer months are the perfect time for a mid-year check-up on my finances, when I can adjust my financial goals based on my needs for the summer and throughout the year. Based on my experiences, here are a few tips for parents to consider as they talk to their teens about the value of saving money this summer (while still having a little fun!).