summer jobs

I'm a college student who is going back to camp.
The Society issued a report earlier this year calling for significant public investment in youth employment. Entitled Extending
It's not just about how to operate a cash register or learning to serve from the left.
At Bank of America, we believe that we cannot be truly successful unless the customers and communities we serve have a chance
My first day at my first job -- human body shields, gray pubic hairs, and breasts that hanged low. Don't use your co-workers as body shields or karma will pay you a visit.
Summer opportunities - especially summer service - help our future leaders broaden their horizons and meet their full potential
We like to think summertime and the living is easy but maybe not. Summer is when you need to get busy.
Paragraph Two Paragraph Three What to Include in Your Cover Letter Paragraph Four Simply put, a cover letter gives a compelling
Before Obama was president of the United States, he was the president... of milkshakes.
Many students spend months working on getting internships. They spend days deciding what to wear to make the right first impression, but the reality is that your last impression counts for as much as your first one.