summer movies

Wonderful movies are on the way this summer. Take time to enjoy the books that inspired them—from the comfort of your own home.
From "Wonder Woman" to "Snatched" and "Atomic Blonde," there are a ton of movies to check out this summer. Get your popcorn ready.
Get your popcorn ready. These are the biggest movies of the summer.
Continuing an annual post-Labor Day tradition at the MovieFilm show, me and Brian reunite after a brief hiatus to look back
Your neighbors are the least of your worries.
Summer Blockbuster Fatigue is a real condition. Here are some antidotes.
"Captain America: Civil War" kicks things off this weekend.
We remember the late, great Wes Craven, discuss what we learned on "Force Friday," and I share the story of how his heartfelt interview with Andrew Garfield about The Amazing Spider-Man caught fire all over the Internet and went viral!
I was concerned that the MFU would be another botched Hollywood remake of a television series, but in the hands of Guy Ritchie, it's a stand-alone film with its own take on 1960s spy movies.
If you've ever wondered why they don't make films for you, worry no longer. These 10 movies are smart, funny, and aimed squarely at Boomers.