North Korea experts see a silver lining in the collapse of the summit with Kim Jong Un: At least nothing really bad happened.
Trump has lashed out at evidence North Korea has already gone back on its promise to stop developing nuclear weapons
Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un shook hands in Singapore on Tuesday.
This is the farthest Kim has traveled from home since taking the helm as leader of North Korea.
The Southeast Asian city-state is abuzz with anticipation for next week's big event.
Town & Country Magazine uninvited Monica Lewinsky from an event because of Bill Clinton’s attendance.
It was wonderful, terrible, happy and painful.
On Sept. 15, InterAction announced that 31 of its member NGOs had pledged to collectively invest over $1.2 billion in private resources on global humanitarian assistance efforts over the next three years.
Tomorrow, all eyes in Washington will be on the meeting between Donald Trump and Paul Ryan. Some Republicans hope this "summit" between two of the leaders of the Republican Party will signify how the party as a whole will move forward with Trump as the presidential nominee.
Part I of an Exclusive Ideagen 3 part Ideagen Talk series with Dylan Vecchione. On west Maui, Kahekili Reef it is interesting
The Sherpa people are a tribe of people who migrated from Tibet hundreds of years ago.
Concerns about security, cultural sensitivities, press coverage and political effectiveness turn such events into an all-encompassing, embassy-wide obsession from the day the idea of the visit is floated until "Wheels Up" when Air Force One departs.
We are in the second month of reaching the 2030 sustainable development agenda; 178 to go.
The Geneva Summit of 1985 was the first meeting between President Reagan and Soviet General Secretary Gorbachev to talk about the arms race, particularly the Strategic Defense Initiative, and to establish personal relations between the leaders of the world's superpowers.
Summit shut down all wifi satellite access on the ship except for 10 computers in the main lobby. It made everyone not look at their phones and computers for three days, which was great. You can't leave the boat either, so everyone is together and there are no side events.
Vice President of the United States of America, Joe Biden, gave passionate closing remarks at the Summit on Climate Change and the road Through Paris, on Monday the 19th of October, at the White House.
Obama speaks about the refugee crisis at G20 Summit in Turkey.
UN Peacekeeping is currently operating 16 missions across four continents serving a total population of over 125 million people. But peacekeepers have been increasingly targeted by armed groups including terrorist elements.
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