Countries all over the world faced brutal heatwaves and droughts during the summer months.
The actor launched legal action against News Group Newspapers over an April 2018 article that claimed there was "evidence" he attacked Amber Heard.
Captured by the GREGOR telescope in Spain, the high-resolution pictures offer a new glimpse at the sun's magnetic field.
The video combines a decade of images from the Solar Dynamics Observatory into a single hour-long video.
It's like a spooky holiday message from the center of our solar system.
The solar eclipse will happen Monday, August 21 so here’s how to safely watch.
NASA has revealed new details about its hotly anticipated mission to fly a space probe into the sun’s atmosphere to learn more about solar radiation.
Forecasters are already starting to make predictions for what might be in store as our sun winds down its current sunspot cycle in a few years. Are we in for a very intense cycle of solar activity, or the beginning of a century-long absence of sunspots and a rise in colder climates?