Sun Microsystems

Inventor and investor Bill Joy describes a breakthrough technology that can speed the de-carbonization of the planet.
The Berggruen Philosophy and Culture Center recently brought a diverse group of neuroscientists and philosophers together with Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and programmers to answer this question: As developments in artificial intelligence extend or surpass human intelligence, do they challenge the traditional definition of what it means to be human? Here's what five of them had to say.
I ran around the house this morning making sure the Java plugin was turned off in all our web browsers on all our computers. Why was I so panicked? Because the Department of Homeland Security issued a warning late this week about Java.
“You find yourself having to care for someone else,” Schwartz, 46, told the news source. “The amount of time I wanted to
Overlooked in the recent raucous debate on illegal immigration is the powerful role of legal immigrants on both innovation and job creation.
SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) -- Microsoft Corp. Chairman Bill Gates has contributed to an additional $35 million investment
What's the gift economy? In simple terms it's about giving stuff away for free without expecting anything back. Hold on, isn't everything supposed to be monetized?
The Chamber of Commerce is dead wrong on climate change, and dead wrong on cap-and-trade legislation.
Defenders of expanded copyright restrictions imply that content owners have been on a losing streak and have few tools at their disposal. Wrong.
The Justice Department is increasing its prosecutions of alleged acts of foreign bribery by U.S. corporations, forcing them
Ten years ago today, a hopefully prophetic obituary for the pre-internet business power structure, The Cluetrain Manifesto, was published. A decade later, in many key ways, it's still business as usual.
NEW YORK ( -- If the term "serial acquirer" were actually in the dictionary, it would probably be accompanied
SAN FRANCISCO - If IBM Corp. scoops up Sun Microsystems Inc. for at least $6.5 billion in cash, as the companies are discussing
Shelly Palmer is a consultant and the host of MediaBytes with Shelly Palmer a daily show featuring news you can use about
Muzak, a "custom playlist" company who licenses music for businesses, is restructuring for chapter 11 bankruptcy. Muzak sank
Why should the American taxpayer give Microsoft $400 per every user in the U.S. government for the use of Office? Obama should direct the federal government to use hosted and free tools.
IBM is in talks to purchase Sun Microsystems. Sources say IBM could pay up to $6.5 billion in cash for Sun Microsystems, who
One afternoon last May in Menlo Park, Calif., a venture capitalist named Ray Lane led me from his office to the parking lot
A cerebral computer-scientist-turned-executive, Eric E. Schmidt has spent much of his career competing uphill against Microsoft