People who tanned a lot were more likely to have distorted thoughts about their body.
Women can wear -- no, are encouraged to wear -- bikinis and clingy bathing suits. The thong is no longer a scandal; women's side straps leave little thigh unexposed. Show it off! And no snickering goes on; leering perhaps. But for me there is this cult of Speedo shame.
You know what Europe does well? Wine, food, and vacations. But also: beaches.
Understanding how tanning may be an addiction could help more doctors understand that facts alone may not be enough to get
It's hard at first to work out what is going on in these images. The subjects have surrendered to their environment and must have no pretensions of privacy; they look as if they are sunbathing in the dark.
For three hours of the day, Anton Nosovitsky's cat gets to bask in the glorious sun on a comfy bed. Lucky for us, Anton thought
I love Neutrogena's Rapid Tone Repair collection -- it uses a gentle formula but is powerful as it returns your complexion
"Sun exposure is good for you for about 20 minutes daily without sunscreen use," according to New York City-based dermatologist
The Apollo Theater's memorial tribute to Michael Jackson might as well have been Mardi Gras in Harlem.
I tan easily. This would be just fine if exposing one's skin to daylight hadn't become a social taboo, but it has, so when people tell me I'm "soo tan," I feel like an outlaw.
Sunscreens absorb short-wave ultraviolet light, which is responsible for sunburn. However, they do nothing to block long-wave ultraviolet radiation which is the major cause of a skin cancer.
Ms Betts added that Sydney faced far worse social problems than bare breasts. "We've got alcohol-related violence, we've