sundar pichai

A scathing 449-page report by a House panel describes instances where Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google misused their power for profit.
Leaders from Facebook, Amazon, Google and Apple answer for their companies’ practices as a House panel caps its yearlong antitrust investigation.
Current Google CEO Sundar Pichai will take over at the parent company, Alphabet.
The president parroted baseless claims made by tech giant billionaire Peter Thiel, who was featured on the network.
CEO Sundar Pichai denied the company has "a little man sitting behind the curtain."
But underneath the nonsense, a bipartisan consensus emerged against the privacy status quo.
At a congressional hearing on Google, Rep. Lamar Smith made a wild claim that has no scientific backing.
Out-of-touch lawmakers spent the better part of three hours complaining about how the internet works.
The tech giant paid a $90 million severance package to the "Father of Android" over misconduct allegations, the New York Times reported.
Google expects over 500 million Indians to be online by 2018, up from 300 million today.