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Might be nice to hear from someone who’s not a rich political celebrity for a change.
"State of the Union" host Jake Tapper last grilled the vice president nearly two months ago.
The GOP remains split on the presumptive nominee weeks before its national convention.
The GOP remains split on the presumptive nominee weeks before its national convention.
Here is the reality: Hillary Clinton was America's top diplomat responsible for executing the country's foreign policy. Like
So, she left high tea for Hollywood, leaving everything behind, save for her then boyfriend, Swedish music-producer Carl Ryden. The two packed up and arrived in Los Angeles ready to "give it a go."
That was a slight improvement from a similar study ChangeLab conducted in 2012, when Asian Americans were discussed once
The presidential interview on Todd's inaugural broadcast comes as NBC seeks to revitalize its political commentary program
Beyond that, "Meet The Press" should of course never have anyone who carries the title "campaign consultant" or "political
Lately, it seems like David Gregory spends as much time trying to shoot down rumors that he's going to be yanked from his
The report notes, however, that part of this coverage came in a debate format, in which television personality Bill Nye "The
The Sunday political talk shows have drawn repeated criticism for filling their lineups with disproportionately white, male
11 years after the invasion of Iraq, viewers could be forgiven for thinking it was still 2003, given the seemingly endless
There is absolutely no danger of Meet The Press being cancelled. The show will go on. Sooner or later, though -- after exhausting all possible format gimmicks -- the higher-ups at NBC may finally realize they chose the wrong guy to host it when Russert died.
Last week, Jonathan Bernstein, writing in Bloomberg View, issued a plea to America: stop watching the Sunday morning political
"Within reason, I think we should stretch what you can see on a Sunday morning in a thoughtful, smart hour-long program," Wallace