This man's love for his late wife has only blossomed.  Don Jaquish's beloved wife, Babette, of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, was
It's what she most wanted, he says of the tribute that aims to raise money for cancer patients.
If you stay long enough, possibly by eating a lazy lunch you bring at one of the picnic tables overlooking the field of flowers, you might also find yourself giggling at how the thousands of sunflower heads are held high and, in unison, move to track the sun's movement (a phenomenon called heliotropism). This all gives the hearty sunflower an extra fun burst of personality.
Monday marks the release of the "biggest, most important step" the Obama administration has taken to combat climate change: the U.S. Clean Power Plan. Clean energy leaders, health experts, and advocates in Kansas City joined together in celebration at Berkley Riverfront Park on Saturday in anticipation of the plan.
A year after a Malaysia Airlines passenger jet was shot down over eastern Ukraine, killing all aboard, a Dutch town is remembering
"Some sunflowers are already so unbelievable tall, that it could be very possible to get even a taller one," Schiffer told
Today's meditation features a portion of a poem by the late American Beat poet Allen Ginsberg. "Sunflower Sutra" is an ode
It was Merrie's birthday last week, her 56th, if she had lived to celebrate it. Merrie was ... oh it's impossible to say who Merrie was to me: one of my oldest and closest friends doesn't quite do it.
"Nothing in nature is straight. So that's how I design. There's no rhyme or reason. I'm planting for aesthetics. I want to be assaulted by smell, by beauty, by taste."
The preschool teacher instructed the children, "Big dreams start small, but with sunlight, water, good soil and love, they grow big." It seemed a simple lesson, but one worth revisiting. This week, I let sunflowers be my teacher. Here's what I learned.