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A new report details an ongoing campaign to remove references to and information about the 2010 health care law from official web pages.
The changes reflect an agenda that ignores racial inequality.
For more than a decade, women alleged that Clay Johnson, a leader in political tech, physically and verbally abused them.
The question for both the media and voters is what can be learned from a candidate's tax returns and whether the information
The nonprofit asked partiers to donate their swag bags. The responses they got won’t shock you.
Merriam-Webster responds to the billionaire's garbled tweets.
Political ad buys for cable, satellite and radio are heading to an online database.
Politwoops and more than 30 similar services around the world will once again be able to operate.
In 2015, emailing your U.S. representative and senators is still far harder than it should be. The appropriately titled
While money can't buy you love, it can certainly help win you an election and even more so, enact or defeat legislation.