sunscreen tips

So what to do about this? Well first things first, we must continue to be vigilant with proper sunprotection regiments which include:
Sun exposure can lead to skin cancer, so a high quality sunscreen is essential. But don't be fooled by these three sunscreen myths.
Sun damage doesn't discriminate between seasons.
Whether your feet are buried in the sand or catching the breeze in a pair of flip-flops, neglecting to apply sunscreen is
If you don't have a shot glass lying around, you can never go wrong by smoothing on way more sunscreen. Just be sure that
"You can't reverse the skin DNA damage that resulted from excessive sun exposure," says Dr. Cynthia Bailey, a board-certified
"I tell patients that the best sunscreen is the one they'll use regularly," says Dr. Jeffery Benabio, a board-certified dermatologist
Peck's wavy locks and luminous complexion had us begging to find out her secrets. And it turns out, she relies on a pretty
Our selection of favorite suntan lotions features products that offer broad spectrum protection in a hypo-allergenic, chemical-free and affordable way. Whichever sun cream you choose, remember to apply it liberally and often!
We caught up with the "Being Mary Jane" star and flawless skinned beauty to get her take and tips on sun safety. Here's what