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You rode your pet alligator through the orange groves to Publix.
Rosenbaum elaborated on my four-decade-old impressions. "Yes, the heyday of Miami Beach was ending", he said. "Jackie Gleason
The Sunshine State has not been kind to us for the entire week we spent in Miami for the huge Art Basel event.
With all the hype surrounding Star Wars in advance of the latest installment in the iconic film series, people are looking for ways to experience their favorite saga set a long time ago in a galaxy far away.
You don't have to visit the State Capitol in Tallahassee to be reminded of all the reasons you love Florida. But it helps. Great weather? Check. The hottest tourist destinations? Roger that. More than 500 years of continuous civilization? Florida's got it, too.
Lake Jesup is one of Central Florida's largest lakes and part of the St. John's River system. Seminole County, just north of flashy Orange county, bills itself as Florida's "natural" choice. We have to agree. We live here.
As I prepare for a move from my Pensacola home, located on the Gulf Coast in the Florida Panhandle, over to St. Augustine on the East Coast this weekend, I am reminded why I've grown to love Florida and have decided to stick around.
After that brand-new LEGOLAND Florida Hotel opens in 2015, what piece of old Cypress Gardens will Adrian and the Merlin Entertainments team next try to revive / restore?
Before gleefully gliding south to the Florida Keys, I want to mention a few places of interest (to me!), scattered around the state, which you may miss if not informed (by me!) of their existence.
Florida is a long and skinny state, a true peninsula. From head to toe (Pensacola to Key West) it's 832-mile long, and can be done in about 15-18 hours, on a good day.
[View the widget on SlideChute] Some captions have been edited for length and clarity. On Friday, we put out a call for photos
Some captions have been edited for length and clarity. On Friday, we put out a call for photos of Florida to mark the third
Tag your photos anywhere online with #firsthand and #thisisFL. Or send us an e-mail at We'll
Like the Rockies, they dwarf us. Like the Pyrenees, they frame the landscape. Like the Alps, they block out the sky. Like none other, they cross boundaries of land and water, time and space.
In the film, an American battalion marches in and takes over a small, agrarian village in a remote Philippines province. Their
What is happening in the Sunshine State could spread. And if it does, the financial markets will face another round of intense pressure that could be even tougher to contain than before.