Super Bowl

“We were all in shock,” the Arcadia Senior Living Bowling Green told HuffPost.
In honor of Rihanna and Justina Miles lighting up the Super Bowl, here are six other sign language performances that absolutely gagged us.
A sunglasses-clad Adele became a meme while waiting for Rihanna at the halftime show.
Musk reportedly manipulated the Twitter algorithm to boost his personal tweets after President Joe Biden's Super Bowl message got more hits than his.
One dancer said she had to rewatch the Super Bowl halftime show to realize that Rihanna was pregnant during the performance.
The singer had previously declined an invitation to perform in solidarity with former NFL star Colin Kaepernick, saying she didn't want to be a "sellout."
In an interview with British Vogue, the superstar said announcing the show was almost like an "out-of-body experience."
“It was just more publicity,” the football star said of Jackson’s career-derailing moment.
Jack Rudd, 16, was the "Ant-Man" actor's look-alike and sound-alike in a Fox Sports interview after Sunday's game.
“Break it up, guys,” Cara Delevingne, who was stuck in the middle of their spat, eventually had to say.