Super Bowl

The then-reality TV personality wanted things done a very certain way, the director of NBC’s 2012 Super Bowl spot has now revealed.
The 7-time Super Bowl winner just trashed the league he dominated for decades.
The “Jolene” singer-songwriter has received offers to perform at the big game including on one occasion with Katy Perry.
The Grammy-winning singer also shared why he thinks he was “destined” to hit the coveted stage.
Usher called performing at the Super Bowl a "bucket list" accomplishment in a statement.
However, the actor, singer and YouTube icon also has a major professional milestone she hopes to achieve before parenthood.
The supermodel quenches her thirst once again in a new music video for "One Margarita," which is among this summer's biggest TikTok hits.
“We were all in shock,” the Arcadia Senior Living Bowling Green told HuffPost.
In honor of Rihanna and Justina Miles lighting up the Super Bowl, here are six other sign language performances that absolutely gagged us.
A sunglasses-clad Adele became a meme while waiting for Rihanna at the halftime show.