While memorable Super Bowl commercials like Apple's '1984' and Snickers' spot that featured Betty White will be remembered
Did it work? Or do too many script writers spoil the story line? While memorable Super Bowl commercials like Apple's '1984
Wilson is shown about 17 seconds into the ad throwing a football around with a young boy. While he's only featured for a
One of the more important Super Bowl commercials came from the Wounded Warriors Project, in which the narrator of the ad
The second commercial was titled "Celebration," which seems appropriate since it features a group of people celebrating with
This year’s Big Game commercials included Glee’s seductive vixen Naya Rivera, an enchanting Zoe Saldana, and a bit of Fun
Boasting the powers of its Sonata Turbo's 274 horsepower engine, this Hyundai Super Bowl ad shows several reasons why you
As moving as Coca Cola's "Security Camera" Super Bowl ad was -- pointing out the hidden, quiet ways that life can be beautiful
Kate Upton? Check. Willem Dafoe? Present. Usher? Dancing. Outlandish, but sparkling with celebrities, this star-studded Mercedes
Impatient that all the dryers have been taken, the dude grabs a armful of someone else's clothes out of a machine and starts
Okay as a parents of 3 @angie_harmonand I can appreciate the Kia Sorrento Commercial — Jason Sehorn (@Jason_Sehorn) February
We weren't the only ones who were confused: Weird or wonderful -- what do you think? In this entirely baffling Super Bowl
What did you think of it? In this AXE Apollo Super Bowl ad, watch as a dramatically trite hot-lifeguard-saves-beautiful-girl
He didn't get far, however, as a former teammate of Montana's, defensive back Ronnie Lott, made a hard tackle and delivered
One of the biggest advertisers in Super Bowl history has been Anheuser-Busch and this year, they introduced a new beer called
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THE PSY PISTACHIO COMMERCIAL LMAOOO — thug gifs (@kingprod_) February 4, 2013 Just when you thought there was nowhere else
Toyota's RAV4 "Wish Granted" Super Bowl ad hit the Web days ahead of the big game and went viral pretty quick. Featuring
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This Calvin Klein Super Bowl commercial can be summed up simply: eye-candy. While memorable Super Bowl commercials like Apple's