Super Bowl Media Day

It seems the New England Patriots are looking to deflate some of the negative press they’ve been receiving by adding an enormous amount of cuteness to their pre-Super Bowl coverage.
Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch is essentially pleading the fifth in his dealings with the media.
Katie Nolan didn't bring a gun to a knife fight, she brought a bazooka. Game, set, and match. -"Knowing Rick, he probably
Here are 10 of the most absurd questions asked, including one that was apparently intentionally been a joke. Such is the
With Deion Sanders smack dab in the middle of Super Bowl media day sticking a microphone in several players' faces, "Jimmy
There's only one Media Day. It's the day when Halloween costumes appear in January and nightclub outfits appear at noon, all in the name of reporting.
With dozens of reporters crowded around him on Tuesday at the Prudential Center in Newark, the Seattle Seahawks' talkative
A federal judge rules that NCAA football and basketball players can continue with their suit trying to get a cut of TV money.
WATCH VIDEO ABOVE During what appeared to be an unscripted moment at Super Bowl Media Day on Tuesday, NFL analyst Mark Schlereth
Randy Moss rarely talks with microphones in front of him. He turned it on at Media Day today from the Superdome as he prepares