super bowl party

The "Late Night" host complained that you "just can't bring Trump anywhere."
Chances are you're planning to tune in to the game of all games this Sunday. But watching the action on the field is only half the fun; the other half is the food. Wings, nachos, chips and dips may feed a fan's frenzy - but they can pose a real threat to our pets.
It’s game day, which means it’s also crunch time -- both for the players on the field and the MVPs hosting parties at home.
The only thing you should have to worry about on game day is whether your team will take home the title. Save yourself the stress of cleaning up post-party messes with these helpful hacks.
If none of this is working for you, continue nodding and being polite, offering all the uptight, nervous pacing men (and other guests who come in late) your spot on the sofa. Do this until every seat in the house is taken and you have to sit on the toilet in the bathroom. Bring guacamole.
The person who spends the entire party hitting on my girlfriend. GREG. It was such a dick move and actually super noticeable
If you're the one throwing the party, you have the home field advantage. Instead of putting out the usual fatty fare, surprise your opponents and slim down the options.
There's a certain big event this weekend... And it's really all about the food.
This is the hardest thing we've done all year.