super bowl sex trafficking

Human trafficking is a year-round problem in the U.S., not limited to the Super Bowl.
As America ramps up for the 50th Super Bowl on Sunday in Santa Clara, let's take a moment to consider the ugly underbelly of this mega-sporting event: the big business of supplying sex to the fans.
"We're trying to raise awareness best we can," Cook County Sheriff spokesman Ben Breit told The Huffington Post, explaining
"It allows us to have a conversation about how children are viewed as commodities," Taryn Offenbacher, SHI communications
Instead of wasting time and money on rumor-mongering and passing redundant legislation, perhaps we should be looking to the root of the problem for solutions.
Watch the HuffPost Live video above to hear New Jersey's full plans. The state of New Jersey has just days to go until Super
With the help the region's hotel-motel workers and guests, we can put up the biggest fight yet against Super Bowl-related sex trafficking, and even use this event as a model to combat trafficking throughout the year.
Rachel Lloyd, founder of GEMS –- which describes itself as New York’s only organization that serves women who have experienced
And about 100,000 to 150,000 of the sex workers in the United States are minors who likely start working in the trade as