Super Bowl Sunday

This is the hardest thing we've done all year.
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Rep. Ted Poe (R-Texas) is reaching across the aisle to get some very important legislation passed that has a little to do
For instance, the explanation of the fee on the Papa John's box, and the suggestion that we tip the driver "for outstanding
There's a Super Bowl battle being waged outside New Jersey's MetLife Stadium -- and it's not between Denver Broncos and Seattle
All Day Rom-Com Heaven on FX Let's assume that FX thinks women hate football and love romantic comedies. If they're correct
The billboards highlight an array of poignant messages, including that the number of marijuana arrests each year is nearly
There are easy ways to make food for friends that only require a bit of time in the kitchen and here are some suggestions.
Throw a Super Bowl party to remember with these easy recipes and tips for a winning weekend.
On a ridiculously cold Tuesday morning in late January, I started thinking about Groundhog Day. It's not that I'm optimistic or anything, I've always regarded it as a rather silly tradition. Consider that we are relying on a rodent that resembles a genetically engineered and overfed squirrel to predict the weather.
Chef Eric Borgia is responsible for whipping up various cuisines for the 80,000+ rowdy football fans planning to cram into MetLife Stadium for Super Bowl XLVIII. He joins to discuss the food to look forward to and how you can make it at home!
From psychics who claim to be communicating with the soul of the dead octopus to hucksters trying to establish whether Paul is an English or German citizen, The Life and Times of Paul the Psychic Octopus gives new meaning to Barnum's claim that "There's a sucker born every minute."
Fiat 500, 2012 According to this car commercial, all women do is nag, and all men do is take it. Take out the trash! Walk
Rachel Lloyd, founder of GEMS –- which describes itself as New York’s only organization that serves women who have experienced
4. Chips 6. Pizza Super Bowl watchers will down 325 million gallons of beer, according to That's enough to
Of course, typical football fare -- nachos, burgers, pizza, wings -- isn't exactly known for being nutritious or wholesome. But there's no reason to sacrifice your guests' health in order to put out a great spread. Here are some tips for a festive but guilt-free celebration that everyone will love.