WASHINGTON: President Obama's defense budget for 2013 implements the start of the $500 billion in budget cuts required by
As the congressional super committee deliberated throughout the fall, the media got us locked into this notion that if they were unable to come up with an agreed upon plan, this constituted a "failure," while an approved-by-super-committee strategy for curbing the debt constituted a "success." The problem with that thinking is that there was never any indication that suggested they could deliver an intelligent plan, just as there was never any indication that Coca-Cola's attempt to alter its classic recipe in 1985 wouldn't end up as the unalloyed failure that it did. In both cases, what's been deemed a "failure," for all anyone really knows, may have actually been a dodged bullet.
Debating tax policy now is putting the cart before the horse. The real issue is what the government should be doing. Then we can worry about how we should pay for it.
To its many issues -- dysfunction, occasionally impaired judgment, an inability to get things done -- Congress can add one
From suppressing the democratic aspirations of millions of Africans to helping corporations fleece taxpayers to pushing worker/employer relations back to the Gilded Age, Norquist has proven by his actions that his brand of "freedom" is every bit as tainted as the NRA's.
Not with a bang but a whimper. Not a surprise, but disheartening on many levels. Let us count the ways.
The hostile language likely foreshadows a tough final month of the year, when Congress must deal with several major, expensive
There is plenty of cause for concern after the failure, Arthur Delaney and Ryan Grim report. Programs like unemployment insurance
"They sound a bit defensive," said the official, who declined to be named because she thought it was too soon to politick
Ultimately, the voters will get their say, instead of 12 people with super legislative powers. The failure has left the centrist