super fun night

"Super Fun Night" wrapped its first season -- and likely entire run -- with a super-fun musical number. Rebel Wilson and
Saget plays Porter Warner, a boss at Kimmie's (Wilson) law firm, who threatens to fire her unless she learns to act professionally
Although critics haven't exactly been easy on "Super Fun Night," Wilson told HuffPost TV that the best is yet to come. "The
Rebel Wilson was chicken on "Conan." No sorry, we misspoke. She was a chicken. The "Super Fun Night" star came out for her
Is it possible that Hollywood is ready for fat women who have good jobs, good relationships with men and are happy with their
The odds were stacked against the new comedy. The original pilot episode was met with harsh reviews from critics. ABC slotted
Unfortunately, as viewers just witnessed, it doesn't appear to have gotten better at all. Nevertheless, "Super Fun Night
Well, you can decide for yourself tonight (premieres Wed., Oct. 2 at 9:30 p.m. ET), but no matter what you think, no one
"I think with any show it just takes time," Wilson told HuffPost TV at Cosmo's Super Fun Night With Rebel Wilson in New York
"Super Fun Night" won't premiere with the show's pilot (the first produced episode). Instead, the Rebel Wilson show will