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Suddenly, thanks to Pokemon Go, retro video games are all the rage and Nintendo is back! Kids and parents are having deep conversations about video game lore past and present.
Only one thing takes longer than beating "Super Mario Bros. 3": crocheting a blanket of the game for SIX. WHOLE. YEARS. Follow
Okay, that's a little misleading. It will take a bit more than two minutes to read this, but I recently had the opportunity to spend two minutes each pulling quotables from gaming and pop culture icons.
A classic video game world is colliding with reality, and the results are adorable. Like Us On Facebook | Follow Us On Twitter
This is one of my favorite questions to date on Quora! The first task in answering the question is to define the frame of reference -- what is the Mario Universe?
Are Jennifer Lopez and Shakira fans of Mario and Luigi? If not, they will be after seeing this new music video. Kawehi, a
It almost goes without saying that "Blubbler" is much, much better than you. Just look at these moves! [h/t Kotaku] Watch
By Kristen Klein for Bridal Guide Nathan and Jessica crafted quite the elaborate scenario for their engagement photos! After
Think that's an easy feat? Think again. Imagine completing a game of "Super Mario Bros." without jumping on any enemies, collecting
Everyone knows the story of Mario and Luigi, two innocent plumbing brothers who rescue a princess from a monstrous villain