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She didn't let the happiest moment of her life stop her from finishing the game.
A classic video game world is colliding with reality, and the results are adorable. Like Us On Facebook | Follow Us On Twitter
Like most college students, Dan Newbie knows how to get unorthodox with household items. His weapon of choice? Wine glasses
In the newest musical number from AVByte, Super Mario and his brother Luigi finally awaken to the 21st century and realize
Everyone knows the story of Mario and Luigi, two innocent plumbing brothers who rescue a princess from a monstrous villain
One family makes the ultimate Mario-themed bedroom that deserves the "Best Parents Ever" award.
Hint: Mario and Luigi would approve of this accessory.
It's Video Game Week on "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon," and thanks to The Roots being the house band, something special happened
Even if it's an escape, the line between work and fun can become gleefully blurred. For instance, after Jones made some fan
It's almost as if Nintendo was hellbent on not announcing anything exciting for the system. Heck, most of the "announcements" were already talked up at last year's E3. So what can the company do? They need some buzz and they need it pronto.
From USA Today: To view some past PETA campaigns, check out the photos below (WARNING: Explicit Images) "Tanooki may be just
It's hard to believe, but a certain running, jumping, mustachioed plumber named Mario turned 25-years-old today. From his
Anyone who recognizes the "brothers" or has any information is asked to contact Crime Stoppers at (800) 577-TIPS or log onto
Via BuzzFeed, we find the best "Inglourious Basterds" spoof to date. In it, the Super Mario Brothers team is instructed to
Get HuffPost Comedy On Facebook and Twitter! Instead of ignoring this new fangled Internet dealie, Conan embraced the meme
But wasn't the whole point of Netflix and every other me-based entertainment platform to help people avoid the snickering video store clerks? Hasn't bad taste become every American's basic human right?