Super PAC

Priorities USA is adapting to the new world of political spending by bringing its ad-buying in-house.
The former vice president joins most of the 2020 Democratic presidential field in rejecting outside help.
Washington Gov. Jay Inslee, who is likely to launch a presidential bid, declined to comment on the group.
The group End Citizens United is hitting Republican Rick Saccone’s spending habits.
by Doug Weber Business PAC donors tend to be practical. Historically they favor incumbents and try to be friendly with members
America Comes First can’t seem to decide if it’s a PAC or a super PAC, but in either case its federal filings remain problematic
Donors whose riches helped protect the Republican majority have lobbying interests before Congress.
Unions may have nearly 15 million members, but they're still outgunned by the Sheldon Adelsons of the world.
The EMILY's List super PAC is sending money to Minnesota, New Mexico and Vermont.