Super PAC

Georgians wonder why they can't give voters waiting on long lines water, but a super PAC stumping for Herschel Walker can pass out gas vouchers.
AIPAC and its allies aim to combat rising pro-Palestinian sympathy among Democrats.
Money raised for Trump ends up in his own pockets — again.
Donald Trump unveiled a new super PAC, “Make America Great Again, Again!” and people are taken aback by the name’s lack of creativity.
The businessman was a Republican megadonor and major backer of Rick Santorum.
Democratic campaign vets have started the "Never Again PAC" to help defeat the 147 members of Congress who voted to reject the election result in Trump's favor.
James Kyle Bell is also charged with fraudulently obtaining $1 million in funds from the coronavirus-relief Paycheck Protection Program.
President Donald Trump has been using claims of election fraud to fundraise for his political future, according to multiple reports. The campaign has reportedly raised between $150 and $170 million since Election Day.
As President Donald Trump’s support with Christian voters begins to slip, a new bipartisan super PAC has released an ad questioning his faith.
Fox News will not be airing an ad funded by the American Federation of Teachers that criticizes President Donald Trump for his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.