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Seattle’s City Council elections were a rebuke to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. It’s unlikely the presidential race is going to be any different.
We keep reading Trump chastising politicians who are answerable only to their super pac donors. Although that is a terrible distortion of our democratic election, we should recall that it was imposed upon us by the 5/4 Supreme Court decision (dominated by Republicans) who decided corporations are people and can contribute unlimited funds to campaigns thru their disguised proxies, super pacs.
Sometimes, I thank God for my middle-class status. This is why...
What horse owners do with their money between races
With growing inequality and the civil unrest from Ferguson and the Occupy protests fresh in people’s mind, the world’s super
The argument goes that instead of being jealous, we all should be working in harmony together to create jobs and opportunity. Problem is, the deeply rich talk about building the economy but do almost nothing about it.
The realities of being super-rich also mean that the wealthy tend to be socially isolated, keeping them a safe distance from
The richest 1 percent of Americans have seen their average income jump more than 270 percent over the past five decades. Read
So what can one do to curb his or her sense of entitlement? Piff found that introducing a series of questions priming some
America's top 1 percent saved their money at a rate of 37 percent last quarter, according to a recent survey from American