Super Troopers

"Super Troopers 3: Winter Soldiers" is being written right meow, members of Broken Lizard say.
"Super Troopers 2" had been rumored about for years, and back in 2012 we heard a script had been finalized, and Lemme basically
Although the Broken Lizard gang said they had a prequel in mind back in 2006, this new movie is definitely a sequel and is
He then goes on to say it thirteen more times, including a closing, abrupt "meow" at the end of the interview. For those
We are in a moment of transition in the distribution business. DVD is no longer the workhouse it used to be. Blockbuster Video has cut down on its outlets. Everything seems to be moving towards downloading to iPads, computers, phones and to Internet TVs.
The Babymakers wants to be a Judd Apatow comedy. Instead, it's like a third-rate Comedy Central sitcom, with dirty words, little nudity and fewer laughs than fingers on one hand.
For a bunch of corporate suits, Hollywood, like, loves to get stoned. Or at least pretend, anyway. The big film studios know
So cheers to Broken Lizard that they decide to release The Slammin' Salmon just when we winter-ravaged souls need it the