An unflinching look at what it means to devote your entire being to the pursuit of excellence. A career-defining performance
It is the rare movie comedy that can encompass the wild events of a single night and keep you both squirming and surprised into laughter for its full running time. 
From the relatable characters struggling with teen life before college, to the the off-kilter relationships between unlikely
Apparently, a pretty face still trumps a good joke in Hollywood. Allison Jones, the genius casting director responsible for
What if you were a skeptic -- and your very skepticism resulted in you missing out on the very thing you refused to believe in? That's also the comic notion at the heart of Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg's This Is the End,.
Maybe this isn't fair to say, but when I think of actors who should be cast as a bully, you're name is not the first one
This video posted back in 2009 of the "Superbad" cast reading the movie's now-infamous sex scenes is just now going viral
There's no word yet as to whether actor Christopher Mintz-Plasse is flattered by the comparison, but we'd have to think he'd
While Emma Stone starred in “Superbad,” her red carpets are “super good.” From thigh-skimming mini dresses to curve-hugging
Seems like Seth Rogen is a bit of a softie at heart - at least when it comes to animals. When asked if he has a sensitive
The new episode of "When I Was 17", featuring Bow Wow, Christopher Mintz-Passe and Colbie Caillat, premieres Saturday at
WATCH: And then there's the dirty stuff. The Movie Geek's Guide to Talking Dirty from FilmDrunkDotCom on Vimeo. Sure, some
Right here, of course, is starring in two huge summer movies: the civil rights-era book-to-film, "The Help," in which she
Paul comes from the team that brought us Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, but director Edgar Wright has been replaced by Greg Mottola. And that substitution makes all the difference.
Paul, opening Friday (3/18/11), is Pegg's most mainstream effort yet. Though it reteams him with British sidekick Nick Frost
The Green Hornet is a mixed bag -- not an abject failure, but still, not a film that recognizes its own strengths. It gets away with a lot -- and is often more entertaining and enjoyable than it has any right to be.