The #GOPCowards hashtag trended on Twitter after the Meidas Touch PAC released the montage.
Video by a progressive PAC mocks the first daughter for touting her own "personal growth" in times of "discomfort and uncertainty."
The MSNBC show looked back at the president's bombastic, shifting and often bonkers pandemic comments in the damning six-minute supercut.
The video montage showed Trump's marked change in tone for his Oval Office address. But how long will it last?
Trevor Noah's team put together a two-minute montage of the MSNBC host's objectifying remarks.
"The Daily Show" host used footage of Rush Limbaugh to explain why Trump supporters have “no business complaining about breaches of decorum."
The "Late Night" host aired "some of Rudy's greatest and most nonsensical highlights from just the last few weeks."
The MSNBC host pranked viewers with the preview of the supercut.
The president sometimes struggles with names ... including those of the people he works with.