We take sinks for granted, but cats? Cats don't even know what's going on. Check out this supercut of cats discovering these
Don't have time to watch all your favorite Christmas movies this season? Fear not! Screen Junkies have hit us with the ultimate
We can all agree that the best part of infomercials is people who fail miserably at everyday tasks. Turns out, the only thing
We don't believe this guy. Do you? Thanks to Zach Prewitt at Slacktory.
Corgis are cute. Corgis are fluffy. Corgis are playful. Corgis are sleeping ... on their backs? Corgis everywhere are hoppin
Here's a surprisingly uplifting supercut of something that should be completely mundane: the ever-popular windshield shot
The real star of any movie is a cool t-shirt. This supercut plays fast and loose with the definition of "t-shirt," but here
Ah, the summer. The sun is out, the water's cool, and pretty much everyone acts like a total idiot at some point. Check out
Of course, Jon Stewart is actually gone from "The Daily Show" this summer because he's directing a movie in Egypt. But that
For being such a cliche, the phrase "We're not so different, you and I" shows up in the dialogue of a lot of films. And Slacktory
It's too bad Mother's Day is only once a year when the other 364 days pretty much go like this. Via CollegeHumor
When TV "investigative journalism" is done well, the public becomes educated, important issues receive attention... and someone wins an Emmy award. When it's done poorly, it seems, the story could end up on ABC's weekly news program, 20/20.
A mashup of the best Ben and Leslie moments from "Parks and Recreation."
Here is every Woody Allen stammer ever from every Woody Allen movie ever. Brace yourselves..... Edited by Ben Craw and Oliver
Don't worry, single people currently raging about the endless Valentine's Day videos circulating on the Internet. Because