Thomas Tramaglini is accused of repeatedly pooping on the track and football field at Holmdel High School.
One community member said there'd been at least eight deposits of evidence in the last few months.
Deyshia Hargrave spoke out against the raise during a public comment portion at a school board meeting.
The trooper said he was forced to erase drug and prostitution admissions by a judge's daughter.
Through Measure X, the 21st Century Technology and Learning Initiative, CVUSD was the first school district to provide iPads
Here are a few suggestions in terms of what to look for in the next superintendent of LAUSD. 3. A Leader who Innovates In
Over my 28 years living inside urban school systems, I have come to understand and believe that there are two things that we must do and/or keep in mind: respect the complexity of this challenge and relentlessly execute against clear goals.
I am not a Rhodes Scholar because I have holes in my head, but I recently became a roads scholar because I learned how to patch holes in a road despite being suspended after only 10 minutes on the job.
PEN Award Winner, Steve Dalachinsky's revised and expanded book of poems, A Superintendent's Eyes arrived in bookstores on July 3rd.
In Kaye's most recent project, he collaborated with Unbearable Books to produce photographs for PEN Award Winner, Steve Dalachinsky's revised and expanded book of poems, A Superintendent's Eyes.
Large urban districts face huge challenges in terms of funding, urban pathologies, and the indifference of people who do not live in them. However, there is a structural problem that inhibits their progress, I believe.
The decision comes as the district has made unprecedented teacher furloughs and tackles a budget deficit. Ms. Lane said the
"Tipping is something between a doorman and the tenants, as it should be," said Matthew Nerzig, a spokesman for local union
Sead Cerovic, aka Cera the Bull, is a big guy. His 6-foot-2 frame stands on 240 pounds of monumental muscle.