Critics worry the change will force patients to turn to more expensive providers, travel long distances for cheaper care
Enbridge Line 6A; Map Credit: Enbridge "While all eyes are on Keystone XL's northern leg, Enbridge has sneakily ramrodded
The higher up you go in your organization, the more you need to make other people winners and not make your job about winning yourself. This is a hard concept for people who like to win to grasp.
Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy The video, compiled from several of the skydivers
The job site Payscale ranked the jobs where workers are most likely to hate their manager, based on a survey of 24,000 respondents
Romney's deeply offensive comments about the Palestinians probably won't hurt him in the election at all. There is no group in America you can insult with more impunity. But what does hurt is the overwhelming sense you get from Romney that he is looking down his nose at you.