If that doesn't work out, the actor is ready to switch superhero teams and join the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
Conservatives were ridiculed for objecting to the sexual orientation of a comic book character.
Clark Kent’s son Jon Kent, who has inherited the Superman mantle, will kiss a male friend in an upcoming issue.
The "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" host was crushed that the president didn't go through with his dramatic hospital discharge stunt.
The president ultimately opted not to go ahead with the Superman stunt. It wasn’t immediately clear why.
He spent almost 30 years posing for photos along the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
Infinite Tucker forgot his cape but still captured the SEC's 400-meter hurdle title.
The movie trailer explores what happens when a kid with superpowers isn't the good guy.
Seeing the out "White Collar" star as the Man of Steel would "be really incredible," Haynes wrote.
An earlier report in The Hollywood Reporter indicated that Warner Bros. had decided to part ways with the “Man of Steel” actor.