Australia could serve as a test case for the anti-plastic movement.
Several pallets of produce were allegedly tainted by the suspect's butt.
"He fell as a hero, giving up his life to halt the murderous outfit of a jihadist terrorist,” said France's President Emmanuel Macron.
"I'm a Methodist minister," the Rev. Amos Sherald responded with a warm smile. By Jerry Zezima "If you come back with everything
It sounds counter-intuitive, but get behind the person with a loaded cart.
It's introducing a "quiet hour" to make the shopping experience less stressful.
In nearly 38 years of marriage, I have found that food shopping is a matter of putting the cart before the horse's behind. This explains why I am the designated driver whenever I go to the supermarket with my wife, Sue.
Having run a retail consultancy for many years, I felt there had to be a better way to run a business than the quarterly profit addiction that I saw in more and more of our multi-national clients.
To help you navigate more efficiently from the greeter to the totally unpopulated self-checkout line, here's a list of all the people you'll see during your next visit.