By Amanda Morin Sometimes people who don’t have kids with learning and attention issues marvel at what I manage daily. That
Let us not forget the woman warriors that we were born to be.   If we can manage car pools, after-school sports, leading
I found myself exactly in my mother’s shoes and I had to learn the hard way that it’s impossible for one person to do it alone.
4. Being able to twitch our nose like in "Bewitched" and make anything happen. When one of my friends mentioned this I had
I don't view motherhood as a tidy symbol of false humility. I'm not "saving" my daughter. I can't. She will need to know how, and I will need to teach her. I don't need to be anybody's hero. That is damaging and dangerous.
She has dedicated her life to others. Long before she was "Super Mom," she was a 28-year-old young woman taking care of her dying mother. Making sure her nails were painted and that she was bathed.
Sure, my cape may be invisible, and my special powers may not be as cool as Iron Man's, but my powers do help me survive the day-to-day grind of being a supermom.
I could stay awake for 24 hours straight and was still sane enough to do the daily chores. I could fly from my room to my child's room if I heard him cry. I became invisible when he was sleeping, as I wanted him to have a good night's sleep.
Much has been said about the Myth of the Supermom. That nonexistent female who does it all and looks good doing it. As moms, we hear about this woman, we know she's a myth, and yet we wonder... does she really exist?
When you stare into the night, wrapping your heart around the little person in the room next door and worrying about the path that stretches out ahead for her, wishing that you could arrange the world just so, just so that her walk is easy and happy and blissful, you are a supermom.
I have more junk drawers than the normal person and plan on dying with at least two active junk drawers.
Being me always conquers being perfect. I chose me. I chose well-being and that it wouldn't beat me again.
Most moms learn self-care from the moms in their lives. What did your mom teach you about taking care of yourself?
I get it. No mom is perfect. We shouldn't judge. We don't know what any mom is up against until we walk in her shoes. But that doesn't make us any less super.
I don't remember my exact breaking point, but it was around the time our building's washing machine broke for the umpteenth
While the Enjoli woman of yore was intimidating enough with her bacon and her pan, today the ideal involves even more balls in the air: in addition to raising her children perfectly (and feeding them only organic bacon) and making the most of her potential at the office, she's untouched by the hands of time, doing work that's deeply satisfying and meaningful for the world at large, finding personal and spiritual fulfillment and capable of a perfect downward-facing dog.
First and second place on the "Most Beautiful People List" went to Alexis Latifi, a staff assistant for Alabama Senator Richard