Get more parenting advice from the Supernanny in the full HuffPost Live conversation below. Frost joined HuffPost Live's
Supernanny Jo Frost joins HuffPost Live to discuss parents spanking their children.
"Family S.O.S. With Jo Frost" airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on TLC. Former "Supernanny" Jo Frost has finally met her match on
"Supernanny" Jo Frost is back with a brand-new show, but this time, the parenting problems she's tackling are much more intense
Why would the French need a hero nanny to swoop in and rescue hapless, hopeless parents from their unmanageable offspring -- it's not a French problem, right?
Suddenly, right there on that episode of Supernanny, I was watching a scene that played out nightly in my house. I was aghast. How could I be watching a reflection of my own life on the show I watch to confirm I'm an amazing parent?
Tillmans experience dates back 19 years to when she quit her job as an accountant to start a home-based school where she
ABC is moving forward with its plans for a male-based "Supernanny" spinoff. Read more on Hollywood Reporter However, instead
For the moment at least, the antistrike strategy of replacing scripted entertainment with so-called reality series seems