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The Metallicar. You could say that it's a rolling container for the conflicting emotions experienced by two brothers exploring
Is it a pivotal episode in terms of taking Season 9 into the home stretch? I know you don't want to give too much away, but
None of the current stars from "Supernatural" will be leaving the flagship series, but a new character will be introduced
Metatron had made a deal with the angel Gadreel, and that deal included turning the once-imprisoned angel into a killer. His
While investigating a case on "Supernatural," Sam and Dean signed a pledge to reclaim their virginity. They were doing it
Castiel is on his own and adjusting to life as a human on "Supernatural." When we catch up with him, he's got a job at a
Some of the best "Supernatural" episodes have been their forays into absurdity. This week's installment proved no exception
On 'Supernatural,' a spell has the unexpected side effect of making Dean act and think like a dog.
After two dodgy seasons, "Supernatural" has recaptured a good deal of its mojo, and its mythology has been expanded in a number of tantalizing ways.
I'll be honest with you, I feel like they went one Cas too far last season. There were so many versions of him that popped
At this point, generally speaking, "Supernatural" seems as tired and run-down as its protagonists ... The most basic things that need to be restored to the show are interesting supporting characters, a sense of hope and a sense of momentum.