"Either somebody really didn't think this through... or they really did."
"Any time someone on TV winks, I have to wink back."
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Stephen King, FDR and Napoleon were all afraid of Friday the 13th. Here's how the date got its bad rap.
“I immediately went into a daze when he got onstage,” Grayson Erhard recalled the surreal moment.
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Life is a scary situation, you see. Happiness and good fortune are so rare in this miserable world that if luck should strike, one should firstly take it as an exception to the rule that nothing good ever happens and secondly, if good does happen, be quiet about it.
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Luk Thep dolls supposedly bring their owners good fortune if they are treated well.
Abbott congratulated the Astros on their victory in the 7th inning. They went on to blow the game.
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Two months later, I celebrated my fortieth birthday in a way I never could have imagined. After years of hard work, sacrifice and a level of organizational commitment that in retrospect was possibly unwarranted, I was an out-of-work single mother of four children.
Here's some of the psychology behind why we engage in superstitious behavior and "magical thinking." It's easy to see how
Their concern is that in a broad cross section of people, whether religious or not, there seems to be a strong natural tendency to see intentions, purposes, and goals at work in life, far beyond the explicit actions of people or other conscious animals.
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The roommates, who had just moved to New York City around the time of the adoption, say that their affectionate and funny
As a woman who embraces her career as a nurse, Claire bases her beliefs on scientific fact. When she lands in the 18th century Scottish Highlands, she finds a culture who's beliefs are firmly rooted in an odd marriage of Catholicism and superstition.
Are we only used to the negative connotation linked to Friday 13th hence this date can be one of the bests? We were eager to find out by introducing a simple Tweet based project.
Fear of the number 13 -- a condition also known as triskaidekaphobia -- may even predate Jesus, though. One Norse myth tells
For the superstitious, June 13 this year will be extra-spooky. That's because the full moon is set to fall on Friday the 13th, a rare occurrence that won't happen again for 35 years.