The dangerous storm system has killed at least six people.
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Superstorm Sandy was among the worst natural disasters in American history, killing at least 117 people, according to records
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Responsible for over 40 percent of all greenhouse gases, the world's two largest economies have pledged to produce "concrete results" ahead of next year's critical climate talks in Paris.
For many critics, the state fell short of fulfilling its most fundamental responsibilities, since thousands of survivors, reports suggest, struggled with hunger, chaos, and disease days into Haiyan's landfall.
While the media will celebrate the feel-good stories of the first anniversary of Hurricane Sandy, it does not mean that the healing process if over. Healing after Hurricane Katrina is a process that is still going on six years later.
This, the Jersey Shore, is the home of commuters, the working stiffs, the souls whose families moved from the north back in the 1950s and 60s, paying on the cheap to live in a Beach Haven West bungalow with no winter insulation or flood insurance to worry, or care about.
A February study in the journal Nature Climate Changepredicted that, by the end of the century, a typical "500-year" storm
All those parklands and wildlife sanctuaries sound idyllic to me and perhaps to you, but don't get too excited. Remember
Global warming's influence on extreme weather is one thing, but what about its effect on volcanoes? The idea that volcanic activity could be driven by climate change seems a bit far-fetched, right? No, says Steffen Kutterolf of GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel and colleagues.
The question, he said, is not whether these storms will happen, but rather how often. And when they do hit, will we be ready
Now that Sandy has torn apart much of the East Coast, what are your local, state, and national officials doing about the environmental impact?
Lots of retirement locales are lovely. Some offer sandy shorelines while others boast a lower cost of living. But how many
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SLIDESHOW: Kasprzak, 28, drowned Monday night after rescuing seven members of his family, including his 15-month-old son