supplemental nutrition assistance program

The Republican welfare agenda has been transplanted from legislation to regulation.
They say a "Minnesota millionaire" represents all that is wrong with nutrition assistance.
The "Harvest Box" is a reach even by the standards of a symbolic budget document.
Does Donald Trump want a border wall badly enough to let struggling Americans go hungry?
“These guys are not working ... They’re watching porn," said Star Parker, founder and president of the conservative Center for Urban Renewal and Education.
City officials say the Trump administration's "unconstitutional" immigration policy is deterring residents from accessing food stamps, Medicaid and other benefits.
With Democrats taking over the House, Republicans are eager to pass the farm bill.
The announcement could help galvanize voters who have backed or opposed Trump’s crackdown on legal and illegal immigration.
It's less about food stamps and health benefits than it's about worker power.
The current food stamp debate is a good example of how the federal budget disadvantages children.
A newspaper's lawsuit could force the government to disclose store-level spending data.
As many as 7.5 million more food stamp recipients could be subject to work requirements.
Americans rely on low-wage workers every day while the House GOP shreds their social safety net.
It's draped in bureaucracy and it's boring, but Mulvaney and Trump's plan would gut programs millions of poor people rely on.
Democrats still have a say in the Senate, and they're not OK with cutting benefits.
The GOP poverty agenda would expand the administrative state.
But they might be overestimating what their legislation would do.
The GOP bill would lower income limits for some SNAP recipients and raise them for certain agricultural subsidies.