supplemental nutrition assistance program

More than 20 states still have food benefit restrictions for people convicted of drug felonies thanks to a law from the 1990s.
Trump pursued a series of disability and food benefit cuts without congressional input. Biden could stop them the same way.
Just as demand is skyrocketing, however, many of the food banks’ sources are drying up.
We’ve become so accustomed to having these people work to make our lives easier that we rarely talk about them.
The former mayor could revive his war on sugary drinks from the White House.
The budget plan recycles deep, previously rejected cuts to domestic programs like food stamps, Medicaid and housing.
There's been a long-running war over potatoes in federal programs.
The new rule would potentially deny green cards to immigrants who use of public benefits like Medicaid or food stamps.
There's nothing easy about securing or using government food assistance, and new cuts could mean catastrophic consequences for millions of people.
If lawsuits challenging the new regulations don't work, Americans may be facing "unmet food needs."
The administration is pursuing several changes that together could trim SNAP enrollment by 10%.
Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue says reducing food subsidies will "restore the dignity of work" for recipients.
The Democratic presidential candidate unveiled his plan to end child hunger, help feed people in poverty and fix food deserts.
As the Trump administration pushes food assistance cuts, a new paper touts reduced mortality among benefit recipients.
The Republican welfare agenda has been transplanted from legislation to regulation.
They say a "Minnesota millionaire" represents all that is wrong with nutrition assistance.
The "Harvest Box" is a reach even by the standards of a symbolic budget document.
Does Donald Trump want a border wall badly enough to let struggling Americans go hungry?
“These guys are not working ... They’re watching porn," said Star Parker, founder and president of the conservative Center for Urban Renewal and Education.
City officials say the Trump administration's "unconstitutional" immigration policy is deterring residents from accessing food stamps, Medicaid and other benefits.