Supplemental Security Income

The SSI program disallows beneficiaries from saving money, but new rule changes will allow them to accept food from friends without losing benefits.
Disability activist Imani Barbarin explains why “happily ever after” can come with a loss of income and health benefits.
Supplemental Security Income recipients could receive meals or groceries without the government cutting their benefits.
A bill to change Supplemental Security Income’s strict asset limit had bipartisan support, but not enough to become law.
The Supplemental Security Income program hasn’t been changed in decades.
Legislation to shore up Supplementary Security Income hasn't received much attention, but it could have a big impact.
In a reversal, Supplemental Security Income recipients won’t lose benefits even if coronavirus relief payments are still in their bank accounts.
Legal aid attorneys say the government is mistakenly docking benefits because of coronavirus rebate payments.
The Trump administration has again waived the tax return requirement for beneficiaries of certain government programs — this time, it's Supplemental Security Income.