Smoothie and supplement companies might get your hopes up, but don't be fooled.
There are mood-related signs you're low on nutrients like vitamin D. Here's how to tell and what to do about it.
The market is saturated with beauty pills and powders that claim to boost your skin care routine. But do you need them?
Here's what happened and what I learned.
It's only natural for parents to want their child to be healthy as they can be and part of helping your child be healthy is making sure that their child gets a good night's rest. But what if your child doesn't sleep well?
After we turn 50, we all start to worry about cardiovascular disease and what to do about it. We might also fret about dementia and whether we will get Alzheimer's -- and arthritis is an ailment we prefer to do without. T
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According to Consumer Reports, the drug is chemically similar to the active ingredients in ephedra, a supplement that was
Other testable antioxidants like glutathione and CoQ10 can be game changers for inflamed patients. Often, the problems that
Yes, swimming powerhouse Michael Phelps, purple-spotted from cupping therapy, and your slovenly relative with a beer gut both share a bond -- a weakness in succumbing to the allure of voodoo medicine.