supply chain

A growing number of items have been affected by supply chain problems.
The lack of formula on store shelves emerged as an explosive political issue on Monday.
CVS and Walgreens reportedly imposed a three-item purchase limit on baby formula.
The GOP governor, Greg Abbott, has raised eyebrows for the deals he's made with Mexican state governors.
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott later slightly eased the policy amid bipartisan uproar, but deflected the lion's share of blame to the Biden administration.
Necessary technology and care for people living with disabilities has become much more difficult to come by in the last two years.
From the omicron variant to supply chain issues, the season doesn't feel so merry and bright right now.
“We are determined to turn the ship here,” one of the National Economic Council members told small business organizations.
The higher costs and limited availability mean some families may get smaller servings or substitutions for staples.
"We never even heard of a such of a thing," she declared on Fox News.