Support our troops

The president has a new problem with stock photos.
“Support our troops,” read a leaflet my children brought home from school in their backpacks in January 1991. It was a message
Fertility is a bi-partisan issue. I repeat: Fertility and family is a bi-partisan issue. There is no candidate that would ever say they are anti-family. There is also no candidate that would come out as saying that they don't support the rights and care of our Veterans.
In all the times I've asked people, many who were not veterans themselves and other than me, did not know a single other veteran, to "support our veterans", no one ever responded with the phrase, "support all people."
It's Memorial Day! We all love a good parade and some barbecue—not to mention a day off—but let's not forget where Memorial Day comes from.
We, as citizens of this incredible nation, must rise to the task of supporting those who will be at the front lines of eradicating Ebola. Our Soldiers are representing America in a noble mission that is difficult and necessary in order to protect our country and the greater global society.
Conservatives rally support for Troopathon, a fundraiser for the group Move America Forward.
I support our troops to the core -- as human brothers and sisters of mine (and as a member of a military family). Would you want to send your family members to war? Do you even know what that means? Have you really thought about it?
“It’s a little surprising,” said Stokes in an interview with KMAX-TV. “All we meant to do was beautify the corner, the area
As a nation, we want to clap our troops on the back and tell them what great and noble deeds they've done in our name. Yet we hesitate to probe more deeply into their experiences -- or their pain.
When Vietnam veterans returned to "the world," there were no parades. It was like nobody but their families even noticed they'd been gone. Last December, when U.S. bases were handed over and the last combat units returned home, there were no parades.
True to Milkshake form, we believe that the best way to lighten your bookshelves is by donating all the unwanted paperbacks (and hardcovers, of course) to charity. Not sure where to send your books?
Lots of programs aimed at helping U.S. troops overseas feel connected to home include sending homemade cards with personal
"Support Our Troops," in this veteran's opinion, does not mean unquestioned support of our government's decisions and its wars. Anything less than critical debate does a disservice to our troops.
"Supporting" the soldier necessarily means sharing his desire for victory. From this perspective, there is an inherent contradiction in claiming to "support" the soldier while taking actions that undercut his efforts.
The future is now, Mr. Secretary. It's time to end our costly and futile wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. It's time to support our troops by bringing them home.
Let's start listening to them. And when we do -- when we begin to recognize them in all their frailty and complexity -- we'll realize they're as restless and conflicted about our wars as many of us are.
Terri Daniels' son is a 22-year-old solider stationed in northern Afghanistan where temperatures are plummeting this time
U.S. military outlays today equal that of every other nation on the planet combined, a situation without precedent in modern history. What are Americans getting for their money? Sadly, not much.