We have to read all the words in the Second Amendment, not just the ones we like.
Two judges on the DC Circuit Court of Appeals virtually "erased" 13 words in the amendment altogether. Just another reason why the decision was clearly erroneous and should be reversed.
DC saw judicial activism replace the will of the people. Today, with news that the U.S. Supreme Court has taken the appeal of DC v. Heller, the Justices can set things right.
Today also seemed like a good day to reprint my 2002 item on the Second Amendment and the living Constitution.
By evading their duty to enforce the Constitution in a meaningful manner, judicial passivists betray a central feature of our constitutional system.
Apparently, the Equal Protection Clause, is to be used for only two purposes -- to invalidate affirmative action and to invalidate the recount process in the 2000 presidential election.
In my view, "Conservative activism" is the least principled and least justified approach of judicial conservatives. Unfortunately, it is also the prevalent form on the Supreme Court today.
The current Supreme Court is not "balanced" in any meaningful sense of that term. It is, in fact, an extremely conservative Court -- more conservative than any group of Justices in living memory.
While the question of racial disparities in cocaine sentences is hot in the courts, it isn't lighting up the presidential campaign trail in any serious way.
Instead of being a beacon of pride for young black kids that, like him, might have been raised in poverty, he is an embarrassment.
We were amazed by Kennedy's humor and candor. Whether we agreed or disagreed with him on particular issues, he demonstrated humanity and a deep respect for history.