For proponents of the Affordable Care Act, today's Supreme Court decision upholding federal subsidies on federally created exchanges is cause to celebrate. Once again, the ACA has survived a potentially fatal challenge. The significance of today's decision, however, also extends into the future.
And, with the exception of perceptions as to which way the court leans, the two parties are less divided than usual in their
If the Roberts Court chooses to sabotage millions of Americans' access to health care, the consequences will be catastrophic for many everyday people, and possibly fatal to some.
Why do people think Obamacare no longer exists? It is already being implemented and it will continue to be implemented in January 2014.
The ad kicks off with Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell, the chairman of the Republican Governors Association, in a television
At the end of the day, the individual mandate will disappoint its proponents as many Americans will pay the tax rather than obtain insurance.
Davis' loaded language brings to mind Tea Party rhetoric from the movement's heyday in 2010, like Sharron Angle's mention
President Obama and Democrats must embrace Obamacare as part of the story they are telling voters about the economy. They cannot continue to be silent in the face of the relentless attack that will only accelerate.
The most sweeping domestic legislative achievement in a generation is in the Supreme Court this week, and all eyes are on the centerpiece of the health care reform law: the individual mandate.