Last year, the court declined to extend the Abood precedent to Illinois home-health workers. The 5-4 ruling stated that state
THE NATURE OF THE BUSINESS They are the elite of the elite: Although they account for far less than 1 percent of lawyers
Their love was criminal. Eventually, the Supreme Court unanimously reversed the Virginia court's decision. In his decision
May 21st, 1954: 17-year-old Nathaniel Steward in class at the Saint-Dominique school in Washington, where the Supreme Court
Was he ready to announce a ruling in any of the four most anticipated cases? Two involve same-sex marriage, one the 1965
The legal fortunes of gays and racial minorities may move in opposite directions when the U.S. Supreme Court's term reaches
The New York Times reports that "just 44 percent of Americans approve of the job the Supreme Court is doing." May I be permitted an "I told you so?"
Two cases set to be heard in the U.S. Supreme Court in the early part of this year will determine whether we are a cohesive country of laws or whether we are a divided states that would like to make up our own rules as we go along.
The Supreme Court's ruling in District of Columbia v. Heller has largely resulted in a reaffirmation of the constitutionality of laws to restrict access to firearms. For the "gun rights" forces, it has been three long years of frustration.
Justice Clarence Thomas hasn't asked a question during the Supreme Court's oral arguments for five years. He has said the