Just 13 percent of Americans agree with that argument. Forty-two percent, however, say certain methods of execution could
In its order, the high court said it would weigh the Florida law under the Sixth Amendment (which secures the right to a
"I've felt amazing today," Glossip said hours after he heard the news, sounding elated and buoyed by hope. A day earlier
A judge told Glossip that if he admitted his involvement in Van Treese's death, he would be sentenced to life in prison and
A Monday piece in The Atlantic points to the death penalty in particular, and how Stevens' new book -- “Six Amendments: How
Less than a year into his Supreme Court judgeship, Stevens sided with the majority decision in Gregg v. Georgia a case that
Shame on the Supreme Court for preferring to inhabit their cocoon of respectability on lethal injections -- justice masked by legalese -- than to face the facts.