John Elwood, Henderson's attorney, said in court filings that if the appeals court ruling against him were to be left intact
I don't know the extent to which Court decisions necessarily reflect the prevailing mood, but if a new gun control bill comes back to Congress later this year, I'm not quite ready to declare it dead.
By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS The justices on Wednesday reinstated charges against a Tennessee man who pleaded guilty to misdemeanor
American women are 11 times more likely to be murdered with guns than women in other high-income countries, and an average of 46 American women are shot to death each month by a current or former husband or boyfriend.
Not everyone in the gun rights movement is thrilled about Gura and the SAF's recent flurry of lawsuits. Depending upon whom
Because I'm a mother, I'm often asked how these school shootings make me feel. And I'll tell you how they make me feel. They make me feel unbelievably angry.
Evanston's handgun law, one of the more progressive in the country, had banned not just handguns but any device that "is
Since the Supreme Court repealed the DC gun ban, we can now begin a debate about how to prevent easy gun access to those that don't deserve it while protecting the right of law abiding gun owners who do.
Congratulations, Justice Scalia! Now we can all look forward to years of arguing over just exactly when, where and how the right to have guns in the home applies.
One of the most intriguing aspects of Justice Scalia's opinion in DC v. Heller is its use of living constitutionalism to justify the decision to invalidate D.C.'s handgun ban.
If the Bush administration releases the fourth amendment that it is currently holding hostage, I'm happy to consider the Supreme Court decision on the second amendment final and decisive.
There are some striking similarities between the Heller decision and Bush v. Gore. In both cases, the Court articulates a "new" right to be recognized by the Courts.
Does the right to keep and bear arms apply directly to the People or to the States? How you answer this question ultimately determines whether or not you believe in an individual's right to own a gun.
In three recent decisions, the Supreme Court swung at and missed two softballs right down the middle. On the third, it got it right by one vote from a guy who sways in the wind like a macramé wind chime.
Tuesday was probably the most extensive discussion ever by the Supreme Court regarding the nature and scope of the Second Amendment.