Is the Supreme Court working the way we want it to? If not, what has changed? Is it fulfilling the role assigned to it by the Framers of the Constitution? Has it become too powerful, too political, too what?
Studies show that, in the past, the solicitor general wins most of his cases. When he is a party to a Supreme Court case, the solicitor general wins nearly 70 percent of the time. This term that number looks to flip.
Meanwhile, the pro-health care reform group Protect Your Care recently told the Washington Post that it would shift its focus
The White House and allies in Congress have previously said they would like to use the timeframe for Sonia Sotomayor's nomination
Speaking on Fox News Sunday, the Kentucky Republican said it would be "highly unlikely" that Republicans would filibuster
"I think the best precedent for time, because this is [to replace] Justice Stevens, would be his amount of time [for confirmation